alias: Anita &. Ahuva
pronouns: he/she/it ?
orientation: lesbian
Age: eighteen
race: mixed ?
status: taken - 03.16.19
alignment: lawful good
Personality: infp
humour: sang. &. phleg.
"Dew on the pink-flushed petals, / Roseate wings unfurled, / What can, I thought be fairer / In all the world?"
about the account

i post about: abba; kate bush; pokémon; the classic world of darkness; the chronicles of darkness; jewish issues, as i am an ethnic jew (assimilated &. not yet converted, conservadox leaning); as well as the oz mythos (by l. frank baum). aesthetically i enjoy nature and fashion. please let me know if i ever share from a problematic source; i more than likely am not fully up to date and do not endorse them. i am critical of all of my interests.

before you follow

do not interact

  1. no followers under 16
  2. commies must block me
  3. dni if u post kpop frequently

extra notes

  • i like tweets as i see them
  • i don't like posts on tumblr &. i currently reply with a dove emoji
  • soft block to break mutuals
  • i hb if ur even accidentally antisemitic; i am sorry but i cannot afford to correct u due to fear &. i am quite frankly so tired of spoonfeeding u all (goyim) information on how to NOT be a fuck up only for u to all ignore it. please understand.
  • i am a cohost in a DID system
  • our little might post on my accounts due to their relative safeness compared to the others' (less nsfw). please be kind to her she's only a baby.
1. The Piper ABBA
2. Eat the Music Kate Bush
3. Nina, Pretty Ballerina ABBA
4. Superstar Carpenters
5. Eagle ABBA
note: requires flash
note that this is not all of us, only the ones with accounts.